About Us

We are a couple from Romania, both working as Web-developers and Video Editors with over 10 years of experience.
We love to meet new people, new places, new countries. Learning about new cultures, living different, better. But also about compassion, animals, and nature.

Our everyday living

Mahatma Gandhi said “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
Outside work, we are volunteering at local NGO about animals and nature protection. Can you imagine the joy of an rescue animal? Look at your right side! This is a happy tomcat, used to be feral cat, now he is waiting for his “human” to take him home. Soon is gonna happen because a group of heartwarming people are making an enormous effort for animals without help. If you think about having a furry buddy and you are not sure you can try to offer an temporary house, a foster. Trust us, you will enjoy. In our experience we have plenty of happy moments but olso the saddest moments. But we never give up and we are continuing to help them whatever it take’s.
Cat Christmas Three

Building Memories

Sometimes we take a break. Everybody needs it. And we like to visit new countries.

No Distance Is too Far

With patience and time we planed multiple trips in Asia and Europe. We visited 23 countries 143 cities, 112 flights – 149,472.2 Km, 9208.2 Km by car and 35165.5 km by foot, metro or boat. Are there many numbers, right?





Philippines River
Red Mountain
Abu Dhabi
Greece Mushrooms
Sea Rocks

Our way to travel


We tried to find the cheapest flights and best accomadation based on quality and price


Best way to discover places to visit is to ask your host or locals. Or use Google Trip app

Epic journeys

most interesing way to visit a place is not booking a trip. Just try by yourself!
sound interesting

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