Best Gadgets and Items for budget travelers

Top 10 best gadgets and items that you will need to have on your trip, from best adapters, earplugs, camera, gimble to tech gadgets

While traveling we need to prepare with best gadgets we can for the trip we will take, whether this is your first trip or you’re a seasoned traveler you might need a comprehensive travel list.

We suggest bookmarking this traveling list because you might need it to come back to it to get more information as we update this every week with new things and tips that might come in handy.

We will try to please all this kind of travelers with some small tips of what gadgets you might need to have with you, why is it necessary and why it might be the right choice for you.

All of the items we mention bellow have been review and tested by us but since i am not a gadget guru i hope the following cool gadgets will be at least of use to know about.

It is up you how much you can take with you so most of the items we will showcase will be small so they can fit all in a single backpack with room to spare.

Most of us will take the following items with us: Headset, Power bank, Camera and a  Travel Adapter since this are the most important items that you should always have on you.

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Bags and Roller

Carry On

It doesn’t matter where you are planning to go, what it does is how long you stay there, if it’s only for a few days then you won’t be needing a roller with you, a backpack will suffice, one that is lightweight and big enough to hold all your essentials. We recommend buying a bag that is water resistant  with laptop padding and a lot of small pockets to easily split your gadgets and clothes.

Most airline companies allow up to 7-10kg of backpack but there is a small rule acceptance from some airline if it’s a laptop backpack and you have a laptop they don’t weight it. Most problems you will have in US and Europe, in Asia most of the airlines won’t bother. But please check on each airline website to make sure.

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The best thing about just having bag is that you don’t need to pay for baggage fees on airlines which sometimes can take you 20-30$ per roller, now that being said there are some small rollers you can get on plane usual dimensions should be 55 X 40 X 23 CM this you can also be used as carry on without paying fees.

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Most of airlines will allow also a smaller bag that they will never weight like a camera bag so if you have any power-banks put them in here

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When looking for a luggage we 100% suggest you buy one with a hard-case outside, I’ve seen so many times at airports my luggage being thrown like it was nothing and they don’t care about whatever you have inside, also having a lock on it will help with airport thieves especially after you luggage gets lost.

Headphones and Microphone

More and more people ask my i bother to carry headphones with me, well there are plenty of reasons, best of reasons is when you fly is the best noise cancellation device you can have. Also some good music when you have a crowded street outside and you cannot sleep they are far more effective then simply having ear plugs well at least for me.

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We suggest always use a lavalier when recording videos and not use any internal microphone, and then merge the audio and video in an editing software later on.


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Camera and Add-ons


I am not going to go into difference between cameras, is it better a mirrorless vs DSLR, that’s up to user preferences I personally user a mirrorless camera because it’s smaller and weights way less when traveling but the quality of the photos is not as great as i would have wanted.

I use an Samsung NX300 it’s kinda old now and needs an update soon but until then here are some of the features: 20.3-Megapixel, WiFi, Fully Samsung app ready to take and record pictures directly from phone, AMOLED touch display, 1080I recording, 3D recoding with separate lens, fast auto-focus and many others options.



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Samsung NX300

4K Camera

While a lot of people use a GoPro to record i prefered to buy a GoXtreme Black Hawk 4k and I never regretted the decision, the camera performed as good as a GoPro hero 5 black at half the price, the only downside was the sound quality was a bit less but it’s not gonna impact your shooting especially if you are using an external microphone. If you don’t belive me just google comparison videos for this gadget like this one

This one comes fully equipped with waterproof case and all the attachments that you will ever need even spare parts in case it breaks.

You can read more about it here

GoExtreme BlackHawk

SD Cards

Having multiple SD cards with you while traveling is  must because they break a lot and when it does you don’t loose all the photos you had on a single card. If you shoot on multiple cards the risk of loosing all photos is greatly reduces and in case one breaks you can switch to the other one and continue taking photos and don’t miss a shot.

I Recommend Samsung EVO SD card due to their resistance to elements 4-Proof protection: Waterproof, Temperature proof,X-ray proof, Magnet proof

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Backup Storage

After a long day of taking photos and pictures i always backup my photos on my laptop and on my external Drive just in case something happens. I’ve heard so many stories of people not backing up their photos only on the laptop and then it died and no way to recover most of the photos which was unlucky. I strongly advice please backup your photos and videos on two devices you don’t want to loose them it’s your precious memories.

It’s not necessary to have 4T of backup but it depends on you how long you travel and how big the format of video files you film. If you film in 4K files will be very big and you will need a lot of space. Here is our recommendation:

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If you don’t know what gadget it is or this is the first time you hear this word, well basically it’s a handheld image stabilizer pole, I have to say this made my videos look way better then they should be especially when you can forget about keeping the camera stable .

There are a few types for Phones, for DSLR but mostly are used for action-cameras but I feel comfortable recommending the following two. Feiyu Tech and Karma Grip, while Karma Grip is only for action-cameras  Feiyu went beyond and built for other devices also.

We personally use Feiyu Tech G5 and I can say it’s a must have in all your trips, also you don’t need to have it i recommend buying the extendable grip linked before it increases the stabilization and also the ability to take better shots with your camera in tight corners or just for a better view

You can click the following images for more details 

FeyuTech G5

Travel Adaptors

There are many different options for travel adapters but I advice buying one with multipurpose plug above so it doesn’t matter what country you are from you can use it and also it needs to have at least 2 or more USB charges for your phone and other devices. This is one of the must have in your travel bag, never leave home without it. Also make sure the one you buy has fuse inside so in case of a power surge your devices will be safe

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Serioux Charger

Power Banks

Those gadgets are absolutely necessary in having at least 1 or 2 with you, i cannot remember how many times i was out of battery while out on boat or traveling far from place to place and no outlet on the way. There are multiple types of power banks but here are most important things you need to be looking at when you buy one.

Does it have fast charge? Why? because you will most likely use the phone while charging without it it might drain faster then charging
Can it charge multiple devices ? Why? because if you are not traveling solo you will both be using it or you might need to charge your phone and camera.
Does it really have the battery size they promote ? Why? Because most of the companies advertise they have 5 times the size they actual have read the reviews and see what others say.

If not I don’t recommend buying it. Here is one recommendation

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When we travel we usually have 2 or 3 power banks with us because we use google maps a lot to discover places and check router and that drains the battery very, very fast.


Final Notes

This is our list of gadgets we use day by day while traveling, it might be different from what you will be using. Feel free to give us any feedback on this article and things that you think we might have missed.

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