Best Mobile Applications For Budget Travelers

Best applications to have or at least know about while traveling on a budget.

A lot of us need a little bit of help starting our first adventure. We are here to provide that help the best we can. Today we are going to share a list of mobile applications that will help you get started and keep you on the road.

We will split the apps in categories that they will suit you and at some point will explain them in more detail on each individual pages. But for now let’s get started.

Mobile Phone
Tourradar kiwi world nomads travel insurance AirBnb Coupon

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Moving Around

Google Maps

Google offers the best way to travel around the word by downloading the city map when you have internet access you can use it offline with no problem, also the ability to call Uber or other kind of taxi is very useful.

I would never leave home without Google Maps having my back. It also includes almost every major cities BUS / TRAIN and METRO timetables and will show you with ease which one to take to get to your destination.

I saw others apps tried to replicate it but still they are not there yet.

The downside is that some countries like China and Korea it’s completely blocked.



This is usually my first go to check app before going to a new city either to get an idea of what i can get and sometimes i find really good deals especially on group deals. Best part is that a lot of users actually give discounts if you stay more then 3 – 7 days up to 30 – 50% off.

They also offer experiences but i usually find them kinda overpriced for my budget but who knows maybe you will be the one to find something interesting.

If this is your first time using Airbnb i 100% suggest using my referral url to receive 35$ for your first trip it may actually bring you 2 – 3 days for free. This only applies if your first booking is over 65$.



CouchSurfing is a hospitality and social networking service accessible via a website and mobile app. Members can use the service to arrange homestays, offer lodging and hospitality, and join events. Everything for free.

But most important is that you get to stay with locals, most of them will go out with you, share food or at least tell you the best places to visit in town.

We’ve personally hosted over 50 people / couples from over 30 countries but i will not always find a spot to stay so it’s a double edge sword plan ahead.

Also the best part of the app is that it allows you to meet with locals even if they don’t stay at your place just go hang out get some drinks or party you choose.



Agoda is one of the cheapest hotel booking around, i’ve personally used it a few times especially in emergency situations like in Abu Dhabi when i learned it’s cheaper to book a hotel room then actually leave your bags at the airport.

They offer daily new deals and coupons for different cities and travel spots so always keep and eye on them. They usually are around 5% – 20% off the final price

Agoda URL – Affiliate



While everyone knows what Uber is, it’s definitely the most popular and you can find it all over the world.

The advantages of using Uber is to learn how much the fare will cost you to get there and this way the taxi mafia cannot cheat you by asking double or triple the fare.

But if you intend to use Uber and you are new to it here is a referral code and you will get 6$ off your first ride



If you are traveling around Asia this will be you second app to have in your pocket, while  most of the time will be cheaper then Uber it also integrates with google maps for easy pick up and drop. But the best thing is food delivery supported in most Asian countries.


Now there are some countries with their own apps that they will be mostly be using then international ones. The advantage it’s that it will always be cheaper then Uber or Grab, the downsize is that not all the drivers will speak English.  Here is a small list but before you go into a country check if there is an taxi app for that country.

China – Didi
India – Ola
US – Lyft
Japan – Line
Korea – Kakao
Vietnam/Thailand/Singapore/Philippines/Indonesia – Go-Jek

Money Exchange

XE Currency

While this is widely use it’s not one of my favorite just because of the sheer amount of adds that it displays .


Easy Currency Converter

Best one for now at least offering up to 10 currencies at the same time, updated daily and also converts cryptocurrency



Now everyone loves or hates a different flight company. Why i choose kiwi it’s the ease of search for cheap flights.

It allows you to build multi-city travel if you are like us and you like to travel multiple places in a single trip you can easily manage it here. Go check it out

Few days ago they also added a new function for cheap travels called Nomad which allows you to add layovers and many other things you can use the bottom form to get there.

Other Features you might enjoy:
1. No more day by day search one click and you can see prices for entire months
2. Direct Tickets no more commisions
3. Map display of cheapest flights around you
4. Date Range or Time of Stay it will automatically search for cheapest flight back between 1-30 days of your choose


It is by no doubt the most used app but in my opinion is has multiple flaws, two of them being they do not sell  tickets directly they only take commissions from sale that means a lot of times the prices are actually higher then they suppose to be and the ability to only search one day at a time which will take a long time to find the flight you want


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