Mekong Delta

A one day trip tour on how to get there and what you will actually be visiting and doing.

Welcome to Mekong Delta, one of the best places to visit while you are in Vietnam. The delta is situated in southwestern Vietnam where the Mekong River approaches and empties into the sea.

I do not suggest you go on you own here because renting boats to go from one place to another can get really expensive really fast due to sheer amount of places you can go and things you can do.

If you are in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) you can book a trip to one of hundred places around Ben Thanh street, or you can do it via phone or online on different websites.

A one-day tour should cost somewhere between 150,000 and 300,000 dong, including lunch and a guide depending on the season or you can do a private your that can go around 2,500,000 dong.

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Your day will start by being picked up from hotel if you in a central area or you will have to go to one of the agencies where you can get picked up by the bus drivers.

The road to the delta will take approximately one hour and half with a few stops to favorite places to buy some souvenirs or how we would like to call this places (tourist traps), you can just go around check the places and don’t buy nobody will be forcing your hand it’s just a way for tours to be a little cheaper.  

Are you scared of bees and snakes ? 

If not you will be delighted to know that the last part of this island is taking a tour on how honey is being extracted and if you are not scared of bees you can take part in photo-shooting with a hive full of them.  

Also i mentioned snakes right ? Well they have a 5m or about 200inch long snake that you can dance with. And yes it’s fun and not so cold as you would expect and yes you can get over the snakes fear at least for now.

Last stop is the island of Cồn Phụng, where you will be greeted by by dancing dragon and monkeys which in our case it was signifying TET aka Vietnamese new year.

Once there you will be served a meal based on your choosing and a small desert. After that you are free to walk around the water park but this is not like your typical water park it’s very very different, all the games are  specifically Vietnamese. More Info

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