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✅ No more day by day search one click and you can see prices for entire months

✅ Direct Tickets no more hidden commissions from websites that say they just search for flights

✅ Multi-city search for more flexibility

✅ Compare flights to find the best deals up to 4 layovers for the best price possible

✅ Month by month price view every day so you don’t have to keep search one day at a time

✅ Map display of cheapest flights around you for brand new ideas of places to go

✅ Compare flights to find the best deals up to 4 layovers for the best price possible

OneLifeTimeTrip Guide To Cheap Flights


Before you get on your flight, especially if this is your first time flying, here are some must know tips that you should follow in order to get the cheapest flight to your destination, now that been said here are some tips you should know before booking your first flight.

1. Book tickets ahead of time

Booking of flights can be done 11 months in advance, at that time is usually the cheapest, but who would buy tickets that far ahead so we suggest you look 5 – 6 months ahead prices will be usually the same and while you use Kiwi you can see prices every single day for next 11 months with a single click.

The prices skyrockets usually 2 – 3 weeks before the flight and if there is a big holiday coming, and this doesn’t really matter which company you fly with.

2. Last Moment Deals

Usually if a plane is not filled they will put tickets on sale 1 – 3 days before the  flight and the prices can go down up to 90%, so if you are flexible with the dates you can depart this can be a very good idea to keep an eye on the deals you can find on last moment flights.

3. Know the airports

A lot of cities have multiple airports, some are close to the city some are not so knowing where you will land might be a good idea because some airports are quite far from city center from 30 min up to 2 hours drive. Usually this appends if you fly a low cost company, the flight will be in an airport far from the city.

4. Layovers

If you are on a budget there is a big chance that finding a flight with multiple layovers will be cheaper then booking a direct flight, so instead of a 4 hours direct flight it might take you 10  – 12 hours to reach your destination. Usually we book tickets with as small layover as possible, but using Kiwi it will give you a great tool so you can choose from different layover times, maybe you want to spend 1 day in that city.

Always give yourself at least 2 hours between flights

5. Pick destinations based on flights

If you are really flexible, you can pick destinations based on next cheapest flight, for example you can fly to Manila and you next cheapest flight to Bangkok is in 5 days so you can spend 5 days in Manila

After move on to Bangkok and after check your next cheapest flight to Bali that will give you the time you can stay in Bangkok and so on.

6. Always use incognito mode

Using incognito mode provided by Chrome and Firefox airlines cannot track how many times have you searched for a certain flight, that means the price won’t increase next time you visit the website.

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