Malta – the low cost destination of the year

Malta was able to surprise me very much. Not because it’s the Caribbean, not because it’s Florence, nor because it’s Portugal, but because it’s a little bit of each!

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From the turquoise waters, to the narrow streets surrounded by ancient buildings marked by history, to the typical balconies of various colors, to the warm and friendly people, to the food so good … Aiii, just writing this paragraph I feel like coming back!

Of course it’s not all spectacular, it also has flaws like everywhere, one of them is having fewer sandy beaches that is annoying for those who want to make “little bread” 😆 And in high season it is difficult to find a place to spread the towel on these beaches, However almost any corner of rock serves to make beach, with small pools torn in the rocks and in some places stairs to help you to leave the water.

Another fault is the wind, which is sometimes boring at times.

Okay, the defects are already dispatched. Let’s get to the good part!



Holidays in Malta are expensive?

First of all, and I do not know why, the Tugas who spoke to me had an idea that it is too expensive to eat and walk around Malta. I can assure you that you spend both there and in a tourist area here in Portugal.

For 2 people by the sea, or in the historic area, I paid from € 28 to € 50, given the quality of the food, the value is very fair. And you do not always have to go to the restaurants, you have slices of pizza and other things ready to take and eat on the street that you can buy with the euros that are left in your pocket and yes, the official currency is the Euro.

To walk from one side to the other, on foot it is a tassel: ‘-) Go, I am not enjoying, if you always go by bus you will lose a lot. If you have the time and energy, go on foot, you will not regret it. If you need transportation, the buses cost € 1.50 every two hours wherever you want, Taxify costs between € 1 and € 1.50 per km. Do you think it’s expensive ?!

In addition, Ryanair opened direct routes from the Port to Malta, I paid € 68 Round Trip

As it is a relatively cheap destination, I will make you a guide.
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About Malta

Malta is a country, yes it is a country and it does not belong to Italy. It lies in the Mediterranean Sea, between Italy and Tunisia. It is a member of the European Union and the Schengen area.

Due to its strategic position between Africa and Europe, Malta has been the target of many wars and conquests during its history. Among others, Romans, Arabs, Moors, Spaniards, French, and Britons passed by until they became independent in 1964. Having been an important position in World War II.

The passage of all these powers is marked on the Island by the great forts, museums, and archeology that recalls the various phases since 3800 BC. Also, in the official language that is the Maltese that will sound to you an Arabic with some Italian words and the second official language being English.

On the road leads to the left and the electrical outlets are 3-pin, as in England. The food is Mediterranean style with great Italian influence, pasta and pizzas found everywhere.

Where to stay? 

Well, I stayed in St. Julian’s, it is the area with the most nightlife and very close to places to visit on the Island. Better, it will be Valletta (Capital) or Sliema, which is right next door but closer to the historical areas.

If you want quiet, go further north to St. Paul’s Bay or Mellieha, you are closer to Popeye Village and the Ferry to Gozo Island and Blue Lagoon. You can choose from Airbnb, Hostels to 5-star hotels, depending on your budget.

For young people staying at the Hostel and near nightlife, Marco Polo Party Hostel is the best option. In addition to being within walking distance of the most popular areas, they also organize meetings on the rooftop, with a bar, which is perfect for meeting other travelers.

If you prefer something quieter and privacy for a couple or family, the Park Lane Aparthotel offers large rooms equipped with a kitchen to save on food or just for snacks. It also has a swimming pool, bar, and balcony overlooking the sea or the city.

How to move around?

To move you have several options, and you are already prepared to not waste time there.

Public transport – In Malta there are only buses, and they work very well with regular buses that take you everywhere. The only drawback is that they get full quickly, if you take children it is not very comfortable for them. In buses, you can ask for a ticket to the driver who costs you € 1.5 in the low season, € 2 in the high season (mid-June to mid-October) and € 3 in the night service. This ticket lasts 2 hours and you can go wherever you want to even get out and get on another bus.

Another option is the Tallinja cards that you have to look for where you can buy, ask a driver that they help you.

Explore Plus Card € 39, have unlimited travel for 7 days everywhere including direct airport and beach services, also includes 2 ferry trips to Valletta and a day on Hop on Hop off buses (see below) or the boat to Comino, Blue Lagoon.

Explore Card € 21 adults / € 15 children under 10, this card has unlimited travel on buses, wherever you want for 7 days.

Tallinja Card € 15, includes 12 trips and is transferable, is valid for one year.

To find out which buses you need to get from here to there, install the Tallinja application, it works very well. Just place where you are or let the app locate you and choose where you want to go, the app tells you what stop you have to be, the number of the bus, the exit, everything you need to know. Install before you leave.

Ferry VallettaValletta Ferry Services

This boat makes frequent crossings between Sliema, Valletta, and Vittoriosa (Three Cities). It serves as an alternative to having to move around the marina to get to the other side. And to have a privileged view of the cities 😉

An adult ticket costs € 1.50 and child € 0.50. Round trip € 2.80 and child € 0.90.

Save the ticket, give yourself the right to climb the Baraka Lift.

Taxis – Taxi trips, I understand, are prepaid. When I arrived at the airport I bought the trip to the Hostel in a cabin dedicated to taxis. I liked the idea because it guarantees that you’re not mocked by sly cabs.

Until I found Taxify on the island, I knew that Uber did not operate here, but I did not know there was another option.

And let me tell you that it’s a lot better than Uber, you do not need a credit card and you pay for the cash trip at the end, which avoids Uber’s problems that the trip continues to count even after you’ve left. charge your associated card.

The cars are good and clean and the drivers very friendly and ready to give you some tips. The trips cost around € 1 to € 1,5 per km. But you can calculate in advance in the Taxify app.

Just open the app, choose the destination and ask for the Taxi, it quickly arrives at you.

CitySightseeing Buses – These are the convertible buses that you see in the major tourist cities if you have less time or want to do the cultural part in one day and then go to the beach, this is an option to consider.

Aside from the spectacular views along the way, on Hop On Hop off routes, you can get out and get on the buses as often as you like. Buses run every hour 7 times a day. Tickets cost € 20 per day / adult and € 12 per day / child (5 to 14 years), € 37 2 days / adult and € 20 2 days / child (5 to 14 years). If you have the Explore Plus card, you are entitled to one day, which I would use on the North Route, in my opinion, it is the one that has more to see.

The South Route coincides with some parts of the northern route and goes to Marsaxlokk, Ghar Dalam, Blue Grotto, and Hagar Qim, you can use public transport easily to go to these sites using the card. That way you save enough money.

These prices are the ones that are on the site but the sellers at the stops have offered me much lower prices, I do not know if it is the low season or because it is negotiable.

However, I think it’s worth not buying in advance on the site, trying to find one of these sellers and negotiate a little. Also, ask if it includes the ferry trips when I’ve been there it was included. The same for the cruises to Comino and Gozo that I will speak below.

Car or motorbike rental – You can find a number of car or scooter rental services at the airport in Valletta, Sliema and probably in more locations. You can also rent in advance at The prices are very varied and the cars too. You can see on the website that I suggested or see there. But be prepared, in addition to having to drive to the left, have huge radars on the road, few places to park in certain areas, the Maltese are very nervous on the road. But it’s your choice, personally, I do not think it’s worth it, the island is not that big.


This script is to guide you and is based on what I liked most and what I think is more relevant to visit. You can adapt this script to what you like, more visits to museums, more night, more beach, you just have to make more time available to what you like.

Day 1


As I told you before, I stayed in St. Julian’s and as the flight arrived late (midnight), the best option was to pack up and find a place to drink a beer and eat something.

The first bar I found was the Jah Ruulz, it ‘s a small place with simple, colorful decor reminding Jamaica, it has some outdoor tables overlooking the water.

The street is only for pedestrians and has some inclination, so do not put the full glass on the table because it will spill: ‘-) I think that’s why the beers do not see full.

The staff is very friendly and by the way, some good tips on Malta was here I had. You have a great variety of drinks to choose from at prices that we are used to here. Try the Bam Bam Apple Mojito, it’s really good 😉

Jah Ruulz
Jah Ruulz
Jah Ruulz
Jah Ruulz

Now I have to find something to eat, after getting up I realized that it should have been before 😉 On the way to the zone of the bars you find, pizzas, kebabs, etc. which will help you have the energy for the rest of the night.

But attention tomorrow is to go explore the island, so do not exaggerate in alcohol, you will not want to miss a day to cure a hangover. But you can enjoy it because the night of Malta is very lively!

Well, boys, in the street of the bars you will find many women who will try to convince you to join Gentleman’s Clubs, which are many.

From what I’ve come to realize are Strip clubs, if it’s your wave, try it. If it is not, do not give too much bullshit because otherwise, they will not let you down, literally! Tugas girls, I think these women are not going to upset XD.

No one because I saw a lot of police everywhere, I did not see any problems at all during the night, so I think it’s a safe zone.

Recommendations, if you want a quieter bar with a view of the sea to try Hugo’s Terrace and go to the rooftop bar. If you want to have fun in a bar with Texas-style decor with a mix of people from all over the world dancing like if the world were to end tomorrow, it’s in Footloose – Wild Surprising Fun, Footloose for friends.

Day 2

Valletta and 3 Cities

Yeah, did not I warn you not to overdo alcohol yesterday? Go, get out of bed, have breakfast and we’ll take a walk.

If you stayed in St. Julian’s and good weather, walking the coast to Sliema will help you wake up. The view is beautiful, you will wake up for sure. On the way you will find cruise sellers for Gozo and Blue Lagoon. You’ll need to buy tickets for tomorrow, on Day 3, I’ll explain.


From Sliema you will find the ferry to Valletta ( Valletta Ferry Services ), see the timetables and decide if you are coming before the last ferry or if you stay there until later (in winter time there is no night service). If you want to stay late you can get back by bus or Taxify.

The ferry ride is spectacular, is not it? Wait until you cross Valletta to the three cities. Well, now you have to walk to the center or take one of the tourist trains to the center and enter the beautiful streets of Valletta, here is well worth the time to explore, every corner hides a surprise. But as much fun as exploring, I’ll tell you some sites that are worth going to.

First of all, are not you thirsty? Already drank anything. Here Tuga thought about it and already left you a little beer on the Tuga Spot.

If you go on the tourist train, it stops right in front, convenient, is not it? 67 KAPITALI is a very original and comfortable decoration pub and is very well located.

Because you’ll be thirsty more often 😉 Lena and Dominic, (you can tell them that you’re going to be recommended by Tuga Viajante, the Portuguese blogger) have to offer you a letter with lots of snacks and drinks of your choice including national and imported craft beers.

You have 8 to the pressure you can ask to taste before ordering a glass or mug. My favorite is 67 IPA and then Golden Bay, but try and share with me what you like best.

In the snacks, the olive oil with bread to dive. Okay, our olive oil is very good, but this is so good! Or maybe it’s because it looks great with the beer, you also can not miss the Roasted Potatoes.

The rest looks very good, ask for your taste, you have lots of choices. Rest the strength to follow the walk, in the late afternoon, you can go back for another beer talk a little with the staff if they are free.

Now explore, let it be clear that you do not need to visit museums and other things to spend a good afternoon. If you want, you can walk only through Valletta because the city itself is worthy of a Museum. You have beautiful squares with terraces for coffee and appreciate the architecture of buildings, streets that go down and up and end with the sea in sight, viewpoints for the 3 cities.

Just floors, take it easy. Do not run because you will lose all the beauty of Malta before your eyes. When you see something that you think is beautiful, stop, relax, forget the world and absorb the moment. Yes, Malta is so beautiful, and if you take into account the whole history of the country, even deeper will be.

Well, you’re already on vacation. If you want to see more than the streets, you can visit the Manoel Theater, the National War Museum, St. John’s Cathedral, Grandmaster’s Palace and Barraka Gardens.

When you are ready to make the crossing to the three cities, descend to Fort Saint Elmo or afterward to St. Elmo Bridge. This walk gives you a spectacular view and the ferry is there at the end.

3 Citates
3 Citates
The 3 Cities is not something to visit in specific, they are even 3 small towns and it is included in the tourist route of Malta by the historical importance. Here, in my opinion, what may be worth visiting is the Palace of the Inquisitor, which if you attach to the heavy and violent past, can be a very intense visit emotionally. Also, stroll around the inner streets and see the mega yachts at the marina. Then you can go back to Valletta.
Baraka Gardens view
Baraka Gardens

All right, now it’s dinner time! How about an Italian paste? Recommended by a local, and now for me, the Pastaus is simple, it’s all in and very delicious! I’m writing and drooling. You can eat inside or on the terrace. The terrace, in the good Maltese fashion, is tilted like XD street.

If that does not bother you, you can stay on the terrace, but you have to go and choose what you want at the counter, which is then served to your table. The pasta is made by them, and you have a display case with several, then choose a sauce from the picture on top. Easy! If you have doubts in the sauce, you can ask for help. Some have fish, other meat and other vegetables.

The staff is very young and friendly.

Ahhh, I have to tell you that the pasta is served by Al Dente or Italian fashion that is less cooked than we are accustomed here. I ate it as that and I liked it, but if it makes a difference, ask to cook another minute or two.

Do not forget to mention that you were recommended by Tuga Viajante 😉

In the end, return to 67 Kapitali which is two steps away for a coffee, a drink and two of talk.

Day 3

Gozo and Blue Lagoon

You need a lot of beach now, do not you? When I say a lot, it’s really a bit because the Blue Lagoon has almost no sand. But there is plenty of turquoise water and small spectacular caves.

How to get there

To get there you may have bought the cruise yesterday from the vendors near the bus and ferry stops. I went on Supreme Cruises with MaltaSightSeeing , I can not compare with another company, but I have no complaints about this. In addition, it includes the panoramic bus round trip to the departure point of the boat and if you buy the pack as a visit to Gozo you are also entitled to bus there.

Okay, I got on the boat in Sliema, but you have other points that you can enter. It goes through the island of Gozo and you can buy the pack to visit this island, then go to the Blue Lagoon.

If you buy only the pack Blue Lagoon is for 20 € adult and 14 € child and it is about 4 hours there. If you buy the pack of Gozo and Blue Lagoon, it is for € 35 adults and € 27 children and the boat will pick you later to Gozo to go to Blue Lagoon. You stay for about 1 hour at Blue Lagoon. My opinion is to do only the Blue Lagoon and another day go to Gozo and spend there one day, or who knows more than one day.

Tuga’s tip, these packs have an option with unlimited boat drinks and lunch. It gets more expensive obviously, and not worth it. The drinks are of poor quality and the lunch is a sandwich. Unless the seller offers you this at the price of the normal pack, (which is what I got) in this case you lose nothing in drinking some beer by the way 😉

Another option for Gozo is to take the ferry to Cirkewwa. You can go by bus there, or if you have a car, you can take the car on the ferry to Gozo. Each ticket costs € 4.65, or car and passenger € 15.7 with the Gozo Channel Line.
To Blue Lagoon from Cirkewwa costs 9 € round trip adults and 4.5 € children with Comino Ferries.

Blue Lagoon

Do not forget to bring backpack with water, food, sunscreen, hat, towel and sneakers is more appropriate. Do not forget the protector and hat, in the Blue Lagoon you have no shadows and the sun is intense.

If you go to Gozo, you go on the tourist bus and follow this script, I do not need to talk about Gozo anymore.

Now at Blue Lagoon, your chin will drop when you get there, it’s so beautiful !!! First thing to do, visit the caves and you have to go Oki-Ko-Ki Banis , Mr. Banis is a comedy! Very funny indeed, that makes the trip very funny. To the point of it becoming a cave in a disco! XD In addition, his boat passes in places that others do not pass. The tour costs € 10. Do this tour first because then there will be a queue when more boats arrive. Grab yourself because the boat is good!

Tuga’s Tip – Ask Mr. Banis to show you the Merry Christhmas XD.

After the tour, time to soak in the blue water and soak up the sun. For me, this is the most beautiful place in the whole country. You have some Roulotes that sell sandwiches and drinks. They are no big thing, but if you press the hunger gives to stir. Forget the pineapples with drink, no big deal. Unless you want the prop for the photo 😉

Back to Sliema, after this day a good dinner is coming, right?

How about a nice pizza in a wood oven? He goes to Vecchia Napoli, tries to call beforehand. I did not check and was fortunate to get a table. But it was worth it, the pizza is fantastic! I ate the award-winning Capo Di Monte, with a little olive oil on top and the house wine which is very good, it was the perfect end of the day! You have other dishes to choose from if you do not like pizza. Again, I found the prices very fair given the quality and the location.

Day 4


Mdina was once the capital of Malta and retains its medieval identity, strolling through the narrow streets surrounded by defensive walls is as if we were traveling in time. The walled part is relatively small but you can also explore the surroundings. Within the walls, you can see the Cathedral of Mdina and the museum, the Falzon Palace, the Vilhena Plinth and the Bastion. You also have the Mdina dungeons museum (Mdina Dungeons Museum) is very macabre and tells the methods of torture with costumes and chilling sound. I do not recommend children or the most sensitive people.

Outside the walls, you can visit the Catacombs and the Grotto of St. Paul among others.

In Mdina, you can also find little filigree shops and other pieces of handicraft very much. What are the ideal gift if you like to offer memories of your trips.

To eat is also a great city, where you can find the typical dish of a rabbit. Many restaurants have beautiful terraces! I will not leave a recommendation because unfortunately, that day was not very good to taste and evaluate the food. But I wait for your tips to join here.

Day 5 and others

Well, now you know how to move the Island, you can choose what you want to do to your taste. I’ve already shown you what you can not miss, now I’ll tell you the places that I find most optional. Ah, wait, sandy beaches! Are you tired of asking me?

In the north of the main island, Paradise Bay, Armier Bay, Mellieha Bay

In the west of the main island, Ghajn Tuffieha, Gnejna Bay, Golden Bay

On the east of the main island, Bahar ic-Caghaq rocky beach, St. George’s Bay

In the South of Main Island, Pretty Bay, St. Thomas Bay

On the Island of Gozo, San Blas Bay, Ramla l-Hamra, Marsalforn Bay

On the Island of Comino, Blue Lagoon, St. Nicholas Bay

Other places to visit, Blue Grotto, Peter’s Pool, Fort Delimara, Village Popeye, Hypogeum, etc. If you want to visit Hypogeum you have to book in advance here.

It accounts for museum tickets, if the total exceeds € 50 for adult, it is worth buying the Heritage Malta Multisite Pass. That way you save up for a few beers.

Well, I guess I’ve already written down everything you need to know if I’ve forgotten anything, he says.

Go, now enjoy the vacation or escape, hugs and kisses my Tugas.

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