Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Mount Batur an active volcano standing tall at 1717 in Bali Indonesia with an amazing views and easy to trek even for beginners

About Mount Batur

Mount Batur is located in Batur village, Kintamani, Bali standing tall at 1717 m above sea level but there even a higher point you can climb to 1820 m.

Since this is a very active volcano, it’s last eruption was in year 2000, but nowadays it’s mostly green and easy to trek.

We suggest you go to there to catch the morning sunrise with amazing views over Mount Agung which last erupted in January 2018 and Lake Batur.

Despite many saying the trek is easy, i considered it’s easy but dangerous to do it alone, the trek splits in 3 parts, part one is very easy taking on a road and though normal bushes, part two is made of volcanic ash and volcanic lava with dangerous spiky corners and part three from camp to top of the mountain is purely only volcanic ash and hard rocks.

The volcanic ash is very slippery especially if you don’t have good shoes, I’ve personally seen few people that couldn’t go down off mountain because they were slipping and they needed assistance.

The spiky rocks and volcanic hardened lava can sometimes make your trek hard also depends on your shoes, I’ve seen two guiz actually hitting their back because they slipped on the lava.

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Mount Batur
Mount Batur Lake
Mount Batur Lake
Mount Batur Trek

How to get there

Starting in 2018 it’s illegal to go there by your own and you can only do it with a authorized guide for different prices, i’ve seen from 300.000 IDR  (20$) up to 700.000 IDR (50$) for the same thing it depends where you book it from.

The tours usually include pick-up from Ubud or Sanur, then they take your for a morning meal and coffee and also give you a prepackage food to take with you on the mountain to eat it when you get there.

Most tours also include a few other stops to a coffee plantation and hot springs at the bottom of the volcano, i suggest you take the tour that includes the hot springs because after a long day of trekking it’s perfect stop in hot springs.

Take notice there are tourist hot springs where you need to pay to enter and free hot-springs where locals go so make sure you don’t pay for free.

The camp or Submit it’s located at 1717 m and it’s the place where most of hikers stop but if you arrive early you can go even higher to the next point which takes about 30min – 1 h to reach.

At Submit you can see plenty of monkeys and a chicken but also be careful with the volcanic sulfur that it’s invisible to the eye. 


Mount Batur Distance
Mount Batur Distance

What to bring

Most tours will give you everything you need including a Headlamp, but you should bring your own because we’ve noticed a lot of people that middle way will shut off and you’re going up on mountain during the night.

Good Shoes – as previously noted you will need really good shoes with you because the terrain is made between hard ground to slippery volcanic ash and spiky rocks. For summer hiking we recommend these two hiking shoes:


Blouse and Pants – When you start the trek it’s gonna be hot but as soon as you start going up the weather is going to get very cold, trust me put it in your backpack you will want it at 3 – 10 degrees on top of the mountain. For this kind of trekking we recommend these two:


Water and Snacks – The trek will take anywhere between 2 hours to 4 hours it all depends on the group that you are with and how many stops you gonna do and there is nothing you can do about it unless you hire a private guide.

Backpack and Camera – Well pretty explanatory why you should bring it. Our suggestion is this backpack:



Usually, on top of a volcano you wouldn’t expect to see animals, but here you will discover some monkey families who would enjoy to eat your breakfast, but the big boss here is a black chicken which that teaches the monkeys a lesson when comes to food.

Mount Batur Monkeys
Closer to caldera you can find some hot points, we are pretty sure your guide will show these points and if you have some fresh eggs you can boil here also it’s perfect for a breakfast on top of Mount Batur.
Mount Batur Sulfur

Tour description

02.00 – 03.00 am: Pick up time (depending on location).
03.45 am: Arrival at starting point of Toyabungkah village.
06.15 am: Arrival at the summit of Mount Batur (sunrise point).
07.00 am: Continue our trek around the entire crater.
08.00 am: Begin our descent to the finishing point of our trek (Toyabungkah village).
09.00 am: Arrival at Toyabungkah village and board car.
10.30 am: Stop at hot springs (optional).
13.30 am: Stop at a Balinese Coffee plantation (optional).
14.30 am – 15.00 pm: Return arrival at your hotel (depend on location).



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