Philippines — Wild and beautiful — Dumaguete part 1

Wild and beautiful – part 1


Our trip to Philippines was really amazing, after five days in Manila we flew to Dumaguete. Dumaguete is a 3rd class city in the province of Negros Oriental, also known as The City of Gentle People.

We arrived late at our Airbnb host sent her guy to wait for us and take us to place. Our taxi was a tricycle, first for us, and it was amazing and refreshing for that specific.

During by night, Dumaguete is full of living, people love to hang out, eat, drink, party. You never get bored. You can find food and drinks for all kind of budgets, so, don’t worry, you will find whatever you need: local food, fast food and so on.

At our host, we made new friends and for two days we explore around the city some marvelous places that you’ll never forget.

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Casaroro Falls

First, we negotiate for a good price with two drivers, one motorcycle, one tricycle to take us to Casaroro Falls located in the municipality of Valencia. They were really nice, and they came with us and helps all the way to waterfall. We think they help everybody who came there because all the way they knew already every inch of stone from river.

From the place we left the bikes we went down to a long way of stairs until we reach the river. From there all the way to waterfall was broken a long time ago. So we had to climb rocks and cross the river multiple time and it was really an adventure for us walking in slippers. We were so thankful to our guides/ drivers for helping us to find the best way to climb.

What we enjoy the most was the sound of forest and river. Doesn’t matter it was too hot for us, but we can’t forget how nice it was listening of birds. For a city couple used with full of noises, we really appreciate the ‘silence’ of forest
When we arrived to waterfall, our senses get revived. The first time was visual. Casaroro Falls looks amazing and you are almost running to get closer. The air was so cool after all the way to get here. If you are too heated you can take a short bath pool but you must be careful not to get to close waterfall. Water is so cold, and we wouldn’t recommend if you are suffering chronic affections like sinusitis.


Our way back was the same until we arrived the stairs. Climbing stairs looks more difficult for us than climbing rocks and crossing the river.

In our way, on the waterfall, we met people which gave up because of their big bags. Is not impossible to go to Casaroro Falls but try not to carry to many or heavy baggage.

For Casaroro Falls we didn’t pay too much, just drivers and small eco tax which cost 10 php.

Red Rock Hot Spring

After a long walk in the forest and a short and cold bath at Casaroro Falls what was perfect for us than a good bath at Red Rock Hot Spring, also located in the municipality of Valencia. The way from waterfall to hot spring was the one that we never forget. We discover the Philippines as it is: simple, beautiful, green.

In our way to Red Rock Hot Spring we found the “smoking” mountain. It’s nice to stop a minute for a picture but no longer because is toxic and the smell isn’t very nice. Sulfuric gas is not known as “healthy”.

If you are going by yourself just be careful when you arrive at hot spring because of looks a little bit hidden, you might miss it. What is perfect at the end of the day than a bath at Red Rock Hot Spring and a cold beer. The place looks like from heaven, pretty quiet and private, perfect place to feel like yourself.

Cost for Red Rock Hot Spring wasn’t expensive at all, just drivers and entrance fee which is 30 php.

Our trip to Dumaguete was possible with a little help from which show us the best prices, and we flew with Cebu Pacific. The crew was one of the best because they were so receptive, and they entertain us by organizing small games, and we win a small bag.

Don’t worry, our adventure in Dumaguete doesn’t end here, we will continue in our next post.

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