Travel Insurance

Never leave home without travel insurance

Why book with World Nomads


You should never travel without a travel insurance, that’s why we partnered with World Nomads in order to keep you safe while traveling.  Stop worrying about the things that might happen and just do the things you love.

✅ Cover for over 150+ Adventure Activities
✅ Multilingual 24/7 Emergency Assistance
✅ Buy insurance online while traveling 
✅ Emergency Medical Transportation and Emergency Medical Expenses

✅ Baggage and Trip cancellation plans

Travel Safety guides to help you on your trip
✅ You ran out of insurance while travel? No problem just extend it

OneLifeTimeTrip Guide To Travel Insurance Basics


You should always buy a travel insurance, because you never know what’s going to happen even if you are an seasoned traveler. But even if it’s always good to have a safety net you can rely on when things turn for worst, and not always things can come from your fault airlines do loose baggage’s a lot and it’s all out of your hand.

No matter what always keep the receipts somewhere in case you need them for a claim.

When buying a travel insurance you must always keep an eye on this important things:

1. What is the medical insurance value.

A lot of insurances do not cover all medical bills but just partially, or if they do cover it they only cover up to a certain amount, depending from the country you are World Nomads offer from 3.500.000€ to Unlimited medical costs yes that’s right Unlimited with 24/7 Emergency assistance support

2. Cancellation

Does it cover cancellation of trip because you got a serious illness or injury ? Even before you get leave towards your trip, or you were injured during the trip. World Nomad got you covered in almost any major scenarios.

3. Delays

How many of us got our trips delayed because airplane delays, overbooking  or missed flight connections yet none of them is our fault.

4. Baggage and personal items

Airlines always loose baggage’s  or we end up in a strange airport and we realize things are missing from them, well you don’t have to worry anymore about that.

5. Legal and Renting

Legal liability and defence costs for any physical injury or property damage you negligently cause to a third party.


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