Vietnam – Introduction

Welcome to Vietnam with a population over 95 million people ranks no 15 in the world.

Hang Múa

Welcome to Vietnam with a population over 95 million people ranks no 15 in the world.

Contrary to popular belief Vietnam is a safe country to travel, and sometimes it will surprise you how unique and quite developed it is and all without breaking you bank.

The official currency is Dong, in 2018 1 USD ~ 22,700 Dong and 1 Euro ~ 26,750  also if you a coin collector it’s unfortunate Vietnamese people no longer use coins unless you are lucky and find someone that still has old coins.

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The main language spoke is Vietnamese  if you are in a major city like Hanoi or Saigon there will be only a few people that actually speak English, country side there will be close to none who can speak it so if you venture take a guide with you.

Vietnam is a Buddhist country so please take notice what are you allowed to do or not.

The country is ruled by a one-party Communist state that said corruption is a big time deal with a weak legal infrastructure so don’t go all crazy breaking the law.



Driving in Vietnam is chaotic at least to say, the majority of cars will be motorcycles that drive absolutely everywhere, on the wrong side of the street, on sidewalk or even in parks so be careful around you  always look 3 times when you are near a road.

You can use an International driving licence to drive in Vietnam but if you are not a passive-aggressive driver you will need to learn the art of driving and honking, yes honking is used a lot to notify the location of the car/motorcycle so they don’t collide and they honk a lot.

Visa Approval

If you are planning on getting a Visa on Arrival you need to get a Visa Approval Letter (notice this is not a VISA) this is only a letter that grants you entry into the country at the airport and it’s used to get the VISA on arrival once you get there.

The Approval Letter can be obtained online from multiple websites, i’ve personally used for a fee of course depending on the urgency you have.

For us we picked 2 days delivery and we actually got in 5 hours.

At the airport you will be requested to show a printed version of the Approval Letter and once you get in Vietnam at the airport you will have to go though Visa on Arrival process where you will have to pay the 25$ Visa Fee but not for every country from what we noticed. For example we didn’t have to pay but other people had to pay.

Entrance Letter
Saigon VinHomes

Major Cities

The three major cities in Vietnam are:
Ho Chi Minh City
Hội An and Da Nang

We will go more in depth on each city individual and what can you visit where to stay and how to get there.

Food & Drinks

If you are in search for street food like we were you won’t find a lot unfortunately most of the food comes directly prepared exception makes Bánh mì which is a sandwich of different varieties from pork skin to pate.

Second thing you might wanna try is is Phở, typical noodle soup either from beef or chicken with a lot of vegetables, you can find it almost everywhere even the small corner shops.

Saigon Street Food
Vietnamese Egg Coffee

I have to say Vietnam has the best coffee ever, for some reason for us at least we loved it so much and no matter what coffee shop we went to it was the best. If you are interested just order a normal Vietnamese coffee, trust me you won’t regret it.

That being said in Hanoi we chased the rumored egg coffee, which is only being sold in a few places at a pretty high price compare normal coffee, it’s served very hot and comes in a bowl of water to cool it down. Basically the egg foam is prepared with the coffee itself, but for our disappointment wasn’t that good i mean it’s an experience you must try it at least once

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