Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Mount Batur an active volcano standing tall at 1717 in Bali Indonesia with an amazing views and easy to trek even for beginners

London City Guide – London Travel Tips

London is the capital of UK and the most visited city in this country. Tips and tricks for a city break you might need to know if you travel on budget

The most visited cities around the world in 2018

Top 20 most visited cities around the world in 2018 based on Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index for people that spend more then 24 hours

Milan City Guide – Milan Travel Tips

Milan is capital of beauty, art, history and, of course fashion. Tips and tricks for a city break you might need to know if you travel on budget

Tokyo City Guide – Tokyo Travel Tips

Tokyo travel guide, where to find information about where to go, what to do, must visit places and travel tips about best food, shrines and temples

With patience and time we planed multiple trips in Asia and Europe. We visited 23 countries 143 cities, 112 flights – 149,472.2 Km, 9208.2 Km by car and 35165.5 km by foot, metro or boat. We keep adding new content and new stories from our trips every week so keep in touch.

Do you want to know where we traveled, how we did it and how can you to it yourself with very small amount of money? Well click on one of the following links to start reading for free.

The most beautiful country with amazing legends, beautiful landscapes, islands that you will never forget and the best seafood in the entire Europe.

Thailand, the land of smile, blue water and clean beaches. Find out the Thai Way of doing everything with respect and pacience.

Vietnam is now in the top twenty most beautiful countries, from rock formations of Ha Long Bay to the fields of Sa Pa, it’s a country you must go visit at least once.

From mountains, beaches, deserts, oases, camel racing, impressive buildings and Bedouin markets, all piled into a relatively small area.

Indonesia ranks in the top 6 most beautiful countries in the world, from beautiful islands to active vulcanos, amazing rice terraces and beautiful people who created a fascinating culture.

It may not be in any tops, but the country will amaze you with beautiful beaches, epic sunsets, turquoise waterfalls, rice terraces and best island (Palawan) but the best thing is that everyone speaks english

Discover Unlimited Beauty

Unlimited beauty surrounds us. Whatever you visit, please respect Mother nature. Keep clean and don’t distroy.

If you are visiting, a city, a village, a new country take notes about you will do. Respect the places, respect the people, be polite and friendly. If you are lost I’m sure you will find nice people to help you, to guide you. They will show you an undiscovered beauty that usual website don’t know about it, good place for eating. Must try local food, street food, and local drinks. If you want not to spend too much money go for street food. It’s an amazing way to learn about people and food. Visit everything you can: seaside, mountains, churches or temples, street markets and so on. Don’t forget: save memories!

Venice Gondola
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